Solve Plastic Resin Sticking

plastic molders' nightmare: spraying mold release agents after every single shot

Why Plastic Resins Stick and Build-Up in the Mold

To solve plastic resin sticking and build-up problems was a monumental task. Mold surfaces had to be highly polished and releasing agents became an indispensible part of the production cycle.

Numerous modifications had to be made to the mold design. Sometimes, the designs had to be discarded and replaced by newer designs.

Type of Resin is also a Factor 

Plastic resins frequently stick to, and build-up on, substrate surfaces of molds. This can be attributed to the type of plastic resin used (e.g. PP, PE, PU, PVC) or, the extent of poring and roughness of the substrate surface.

Poring and Etch Marks Provide Footholds for Resin Sticking

If you magnified the view of a substrate surface, you would see poring and etch marks. These are the footholds that resins secure themselves onto.

Filling up these pores and etch marks is one of the best ways to solve plastic resin sticking and build-up. But mold release agents can only temporarily solve plastic resin sticking, build-up.

Temporary Solutions 

Mold release agents and lubricants help, but do not solve, plastic sticking and build-up problems. These substances must constantly be reapplied and they also contaminate finished products.

Lacquer-like coatings are also used, but they chip and flake. They are also too thick and affect measurement tolerances.

The New Technology That Works!

Nanomouldrelease is the micro coating that fills pores and etch marks. It is a micro barrier that secures itself to substrate surfaces and prevents sticking and build-up of resinoid substances.

It works so well that many in the Plastics Industry no longer use mold release agents. Their production cycles are shorter because they do not down mold so often.

With Nanomouldrelease, many have been able to solve plastic resin sticking, build-up problems.

ts stuck in the mold


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