Plastic Mold Release Breakthrough

Plastic mold release problems have always plagued this industry. Sticking and abrasion problems have made mold release agents an indispensible part of production cycles for decades.

But even when using the best mold release agents, a lot of production cycle time is wasted on stoppages, downing mold, cleaning, re-polishing and applying more mold release agents.

Plastic mold with coating: no more polishing
Printer mold

Mold release agents must constantly be applied and reapplied. Resin debris must be cleared out from the mold. And despite all this, parts still get stuck and molds must frequently be taken down for servicings.

And what about those molds with problems that can't be solved with mold release agents? What do you do then? What  alternative is there to Plastic mold release problems?

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Battery housing for Sony

With Nanomouldrelease nanotechnology coating, pores in substrate surfaces are filled up. Therefore, resin cannot secure a foothold on the coated surfaces. Any resin that may remain on these surfaces can effortlessly be removed.

Nanomouldrelease forms a barrier coating even on tiny, intricate and polished surfaces because of its microscopic structure. Very fine pores and scratches can be filled up and smoothed over.

Auotmotive headlamp for Japanese MNC
Automotive front grill for japanese MNC

Nanomouldrelease has proven itself effective in solving sticking, dragging, lagging, slagging and stretching problems. It is indeed a boon to the Plastic Industry. Nanomouldrelease is the new technology plastic mold release problems remedy .

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