Fix Mold Drag and Lag Yourself

Fix mold drag and lag yourself. No expensive machinery or processes. No need to send your mold out of your factory. No need to send your staff for specialised training.

fix mold drag and lag yourself inhouse

A soft-bristled brush or a micro fiber cloth is all you need.  

So Easy to Use

Just clean the mold, apply Nanomouldrelease and leave it  for 8 to 12 hours (refer to general application). It has never been so easy to fix mold drag and lag problems.

Nano Mould Release Coating Kit
Nano Mould Release Coating Brush

Can be Removed Without Damaging Mold

Removing our coating will not damage your mold or insert. Just spray on our cleaning solution and wipe it off.

But to this day, no one who has ever tried Nanomouldrelease has ever told us that they wanted to remove it. 

Save your precious time and money. Fix mold drag and lag yourself.

Nano Mould Release Coating so easy to use
  Japanese Automotive Manufacturing Plants

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