Thin Wall Molding

                          plastic thin wall molding cannot incorporate the use external mold release agents

Cannot Use Mold Release Agents

Plastic thin wall molds can't use mold release lubricants, wash, wax, spray and other parting agents. It is an intricate process that few can master. Only the highly skilled and experienced fabricators can produce such tiny, delicate parts because of the high occurrance of rejected parts.

Wrong-angled and elongated profiles are caused by sticking and stretching of resin during mold release. These types of rejects form the majority of failure rates. The problem becomes unmanageable with sticky resins.

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Modified Substances Cause More Problems

Today, many plastic fabricators have resorted to using low-viscosity fluids to aid mold release in plastic thin wall molds. Extremely thin applications of these fluids are repeatedly administered for every single production cycle.

This gives rise to problems in short molding, fish-eyes and transmigration of the fluids onto finished plastic products. Fragility and complex profiles of the finished parts make cleaning a difficult, time-consuming task.

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Highly Polished Surfaces  

Other plastic fabricators use diamond lapping to improve mold release. But polishing does not removes pores and creavices; it reduces their size. These tiny pores and creavices becomes bigger and deeper with repeated exposure to molten resinoid compounds.

These polished molds are subject to wear and tear. After a certain number of production cycles, they have to be taken down and sent for re-polishing. Much time, effort and money is spent doing this.


Modifications are the Last Resort

If all these techniques fail, the mold is sent for repeated modifications untill a solution can be found. But if these modifications still cannot solve the problem, new mold designs must be made from scratch.

As can be seen, this type of molding is indeed difficult and time-consuming. But these problems can be avoided by keeping up with technology.

Mold release lubricants, wash, wax, spray and parting agents cannot be used to solve plastic thin wall mold problems. Nanomouldrelease can. 

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