Complex Profile Mold

Complex profile mold designs often hinder smooth mold release. Thin or high walls, sharp-angled corners and miniature cavities in tight proximities are difficult profiles to work with. These structures are usually too tiny to diamond lap (polish) and are ideal for resin to stick on, or get stuck in.

Nano mold release - complex profile mold

Cannot Use Mold Release Agents

Most complex structure molds cannot have mold release agents applied onto them. This is mainly because of high cosmetic value requirements or fragility of finished parts. Mold release agents are notorious for causing blurring and fish-eyes while fragile parts are very difficult to wash after molding.

To resolve these problems, some plastic fabricators resort to using internal mold release. But this technique changes the properties of the resin and make painting and chemical adhesion of finished parts very difficult.

Failure Rate is High

Mold release for this type of fabrication poses a real challenge; even for the highly skilled professionals with years of experience in complex profile mold desin and fabrication.

A lot of time is spent on special mold release techniques. Regardless, production is slow and the failure rate remains high. This is problematic when non-recyclable thermoset plastics are used.

 complex profile mold using clear plactic for high cosmetic finish

But there is Still Hope   

The use of Nanomouldrelease in complex profile molding has yeilded exceptional results. This is because there is no transmigration of residues and contaminants, mold release is smoother and therefore faster, parts stop getting stuck in the mold and drag, lag, stretch and etchmarks rarely occur.

Stop wasting time on troublesome, time-consuming mold release techniques, removing stuck parts, re-polishing mold cavities, cleaning and stopping production for brainstorming on how to solve problems.

Nanomouldrelease is not a panacea, but it has solved many problems pertaining to complex profile molds.

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