Nanomouldrelease:a nanotechnological breakthrough in mold release technology that has changed the Plastic Mold Fabrication Industry. It comes in a range of products that cater to a variety of mold types.

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The Micro Coating That Lasts

Nanomouldrelease is a coating 100 - 200 nm (nanometers) thick. It's micro mesh-like structure provides true smoothness by filling up all microscopic pits, crevices and etch marks on mold cavity surfaces.

Some applications of Nanomouldrelease have lasted more than 100,000 cycles without using mold release agents. It has withstood glass-filled resins with up to 66% glass content for more than 70,000 cycles.

No Cross-Contamination

Nanomouldrelease is a colorless mesh-like amorphous structure. Its microscopic size and structure does not chip, flake or peel. There is therefore no problem of cross-contamination or transmigration.

Repels Water and Oil

Nanomouldrelease has a chemically inert outer surface. This chemically stable outer coating does not  interact with other substances and  repels water and oil. This means that it only bonds with the surface it is applied onto.

Gas Permeability

Nanomouldrelease is gas-permeable. The microscopic passages within its mesh-like structure only allow entities at particle level to traverse through this coating. Molecules are too large and are thus kept out.

Low Coeffecient of Friction

Nanomouldrelease completely fills up and covers the mold cavity surface, producing true smoothness. This extremely smooth surface posseses a notably low coefficient of friction. And when fiction values are this low, abrasion rates are kept to a bare minimum.

Corrosion Resistance

Nanomouldrelease prevents mold cavity surfaces from coming into contact with external substances. Corrosion is a chemically interactive process. And by ensuring that mold cavity surfaces are sealed, such surfaces are safeguarded against the process of corrosion.

Good Range of Temperature

Nanomouldrelease operates reliably from -50° C to 450° C and blocks off more than 95% of UV light.


With all the benefits that nanotechnology has to offer, it makes good sense to stop using old mold release technology and start using Nanomouldrelease.

Water Glide Test
Low surface energy anti-stick surface

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